Standard Marketing Events' Travel and Recruitment Plans

​It’s spring, and things are flourishing at Standard Marketing Events. Select team members will be heading off on different road trips between April and May. Meanwhile, the firm’s managers will be on a college recruitment trip.

“We got a lot of activity taking place over these next two months,” stated Devin, Standard Marketing Events’ President. “So many of our team members are going in different directions, all for great purposes.”

Devin noted that select associates were tapped to attend various road trips. “This will allow for them to network with other industry leaders as well as help run test markets for clients,” he said. “It’s all part of our advancement opportunities for our team members. We want them to be exposed to influential people who can help them move forward in their careers.”

“Running test markets is our way of determining which direction our firm heads next,” Devin continued. “Our firm’s objective is to help brands grow into new markets. We seek areas that have the right demographics from which to build a new customer base.”

The individuals selected for these opportunities are those who have shown commitment to the Standard Marketing Events values. They have reached goals set for them in order to attain this travel perk.

“Networking is important to our associates because it helps them build their professional networks and connect with others,” Devin continued. “We couldn’t be prouder of these associates as they embark on this trip.”

Standard Marketing Events’ President Announces Hiring Opportunities

With the promise of new markets emerging on the horizon, Devin announced that the Standard Marketing Events managers would be recruiting new team members soon. “With a fresh batch of college graduates about to enter the job market, we’re looking forward to speaking with these young professionals about launching careers with our firm,” he said.

Devin went on to explain that they are seeking candidates who are interested in sales and marketing careers, who have a drive for excellence, and who love to learn. “We have an extensive coaching model so we’ll help the right people find their career success,” he added. “We’re not simply hiring people to fill jobs, but instead offering true professional pathways that lead to unlimited growth for the most ambitious individuals.”

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