Standard Marketing Events Promotes Professional Development

The Standard Marketing Events Director of Operations discussed his development into business leadership, including his experience speaking at a recent conference. He highlighted the benefits of company travel as well.

“Goal-setting propels the growth of Standard Marketing Events, and it fuels the professional development of myself and my colleagues as well,” said Devin P., the firm’s Director of Operations. “For example, my career performance so far has earned me an invitation to present as a key speaker. It was in incredible experience, and it reminded me of the key speakers I observed when I first started my career years ago. It immediately became a professional goal of mine to be on that stage one day, and now that goal has been met! It was a proud moment to say the least.”

According to Devin, the Standard Marketing Events Young Entrepreneur Program is an effective forum through which team members can set and work toward goals, play to their strengths, learn about all aspects of the business, and apply their abilities in the real world. Participants in the program also receive the personalized support needed to achieve lasting success. The system has allowed him to rise to the top, and it produces fresh leaders all the time.
Standard Marketing Events Director Explains How Business Travel Positively Impacts Leadership

“The Dallas conference was also an opportunity for me to brush up on the latest industry best practices, and to connect with some influential people,” Devin continued. “Such events are beneficial all around, and I also find great value in the actual travel process. Everything gained from the experience inspires effective leadership.”

Devin indicated that taking business trips reinforces adaptability. Working within the same four walls every day is rather mundane, but moving into different environments and new places pushes people out of their comfort zones. Being faced with new challenges exercises problem-solving skills and patience, and makes room for fresh perspectives.

“Standard Marketing Events is full of travel enthusiasts, so I’ve noticed that offering trips as incentives inspires high-level performance,” Devin concluded. “Team members who work hard to fulfill our mission are rewarded with excursions to conferences, retreats, and community gatherings. They get to develop professionally while seeing the world. Even with busy schedules, there’s always time to sample some local cuisine, learn about the region’s culture and history, and do some sightseeing. Career building mixed with the exhilaration of travel results in an energized, innovative, and productive group of people.”

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