Standard Marketing Events' Networking Trip to Punta Cana

Several Standard Marketing Events team members recently attended an industry get-together in Punta Cana. Devin P., the company Director, indicated that the event was a major success.

​According to Devin, every year sales and marketing professionals from around the country get together for a rest and relaxation retreat – often at a tropical destination. This year, Gaby B., the company administrator, and five campaign managers, Jenna S., Chelsea L., Talaesha W., Margie H., and Natasha S. represented Standard Marketing Events.

“I chose this group because I knew they would gain so much from the experience,” Devin said. “Gaby is my right hand. She handles all the small details that keep our team moving forward. She is a selfless individual with a work ethic that is second to none.”

Devin selected Jenna for her resiliency and positivity. She started working at Standard Marketing Events while still pursuing her communications degree from Seattle University. Even with that busy schedule, she was a top performer.

“Chelsea is a hard worker who never settles for less than the best,” Devin continued. “Talaesha is like a sponge of learning. Anything you throw at her, she will pick up almost immediately. She has really transformed herself while working here to become one of the best in the office.”

Similarly, Margie has a wonderful student mentality and innate competitiveness that keep her performing, Devin explained. He added that she encourages everyone around her to adopt the same attitude toward learning. Natasha is a fantastic communicator, according to Devin. He knew that she would gain a lot from the networking at the conference.

“I wanted my associates to see what they can gain from this industry,” Devin continued. “There were many of our field’s best and brightest in attendance. Everyone got to network and see the broader picture of sales and marketing. I knew my people would dive right in and start learning. It’s inspiring to have such a hard-working team behind me, and giving my team a trip like this is very rewarding.”

Standard Marketing Events’ Director Discussed the Importance of Travel

According to Devin, sending Standard Marketing Events associates to events offers more value than just learning opportunities. It is a chance to break the routine, which reduces stress and boosts creativity.

“Even seeing a new place or meeting new people can fuel innovation,” he continued. “Our industry is all about doing things that stand out and cut through the noise. So, getting my people excited about taking risks and trying new experiences is very impactful. Getting the chance to send them somewhere like the Dominican Republic is even better because they get to relax in the sun!”

Source: Standard Marketing Events