Standard Marketing Events Highlights Standout Performer

The CEO of Standard Marketing Events highlighted team member Ashlee J. for her excellent performance. He detailed her commitment to professional growth and the importance of setting ambitious goals.

"We enjoy highlighting our top performers here at Standard Marketing Events HQ," stated Devin P., the firm's CEO. "Ashlee J. is our most recent branding expert to earn some time in the spotlight. She has been a great student and brings enthusiasm to the office every day. In the process, Ashlee sets a great example for her colleagues."

Members of Team Standard Marketing Events get the chance to earn all types of travel incentives. Through her dedication to improvement, Ashlee has earned her way to a rewarding conference in Dallas. Devin added, "Ashlee qualified to attend an Eric Thomas conference called "Take Control Entrepreneurship Series: You Owe You." She came back to the office with a variety of valuable success insights, as well as a few new contacts to help advance her career."

Ashlee's favorite part of working for Standard Marketing Events is the positive environment. She explained, "I've received so much support since becoming part of the team. No matter what type of project, everyone is doing their best until they succeed. It's a selfless atmosphere in which everyone is willing to offer assistance. Everyone is also focused on progression and getting better every day, so I never feel like I'm going to be stuck."

Standard Marketing Events' CEO on the Value of Setting Clear Goals

Goal setting is a way of life around the Standard Marketing Events office. The CEO remarked, "We realize that specific objectives allow us to focus our efforts in the most productive ways. That's why we emphasize goal setting during our initial training and ongoing education efforts. With clear benchmarks to aim for, our people can measure their progress and make effective adjustments as they get closer to the finish line."

Ashlee is becoming an expert in establishing aggressive goals. For the rest of 2018, she hopes to continue hitting targets that are higher than her previous standards. She stated, "With the coaching, training, and support I receive here, I've found that I'm capable of much more than I thought I was. I've become more consistent in reaching the goals I set for myself, most of which challenge me to go beyond my current skill set. I look forward to doing more of this in 2018 and beyond."

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