Standard Marketing Events Expands Operations to Tukwila

The management of Standard Marketing Events announced that the interactive marketing firm has expanded operations to Tukwila, a suburb of Seattle, Washington. The leaders look forward to delivering impactful results in this region.

“Seattle is a thriving region,” said Devin, Standard Marketing Events’ Director of Operations. “We anticipate being able to help many local brands grow here. We also plan to expand markets for the national businesses we represent.”

As Devin explained, Standard Marketing Events is a leader in dynamic event-based marketing solutions. “We help connect brands and consumers through meaningful product promotions,” he said. “Our specialty is innovative events that engage consumers and drive enthusiasm for products.”

“We employ unique methods to further brand profits,” Devin noted. “Each of our marketing initiatives blends rich data analysis on key demographic markets with creative messages. Our expertly trained team knows how to draw consumer attention quickly.”

Devin noted that the team’s energy is key to the ability to attain positive outcomes. “This team has spunk,” he said. “They are pros to the core, and they are not afraid to tap into their imaginations to find clever ways to promote products. Our results are proof that what we do is working.”

“We are all anxious to set up shop in Seattle,” he stated. “This is considered to be one of the fastest growing markets post-recession. We’re happy to be riding this wave.”

Standard Marketing Events Manager Shares Goal-Setting Tips

Devin reported that as Standard Marketing Events moves into the Seattle region, he and the leadership team have been busy setting goals for their new market. “We’re already projecting what we need to do in order to make a significant impact on this region,” he continued.

“Goal setting is a priority no matter what,” Devin added. “The more specific and concrete the goals are, the more likely we’ll be to reach them. Therefore, we establish goals with measurable metrics attached to them. This way, we’re continually able to track our progress. Add to this real-time feedback, and we can optimize our processes quickly, too.”

Team involvement is critical as well, according to Devin. “The team must be energized to meet these goals,” he stressed. “I am clear about visions and expectations, and allow my people to visualize progress and provide input on processes. When associates are engaged, the results are far beyond favorable.”

“We’re ready to enter the Seattle market,” said Devin. “The fun is just beginning.”

About Standard Marketing Events

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