Standard Marketing Events Enjoys Growth in Washington

Standard Marketing Events' Director of Operations discussed the most recent company expansion, including team member development. He also described the ways he promotes leadership throughout the firm.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to report that Standard Marketing Events is now an established leader throughout the state of Washington!” said Devin, the business’ Director of Operations. “My colleagues and I have been on the road quite a bit, hosting events in Bellingham, Spokane, and even Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.”

Devin explained that marketing isn’t an option for any company – it’s a necessity. That’s why Standard Marketing Events’ promotions have gained so much popularity in the region. Business leaders are impressed by the team’s superior service provision, ability to build public awareness of products, and aptitude for making meaningful connections with consumers. These qualities are the reasons behind the organization’s growing portfolio.

“I have an amazing group of associates to thank for our success,” Devin stated. “They all clearly demonstrate ambition, energy, and commitment to excellence. Lio and Chelsea in particular have gone above and beyond what is expected of them.”

According to Devin, Lio works hard behind the scenes, focusing on PR and recruiting. He added that Chelsea’s work in Bellingham has been unbelievable. She’s highly successful during events – handling structure and strategy. She really takes ownership of her work, and is motivated from the moment she wakes every day. Tackling a lot by herself, Chelsea has also shown great leadership to the rest of the team. By watching her step up to the plate to manage events, her peers are inspired to emulate her.                                                 

Company Director Advocates Leadership Among Standard Marketing Events Team Members

“The level of leadership displayed by Lio and Chelsea is something I try to instill in all Standard Marketing Events associates,” Devin continued. “One of the ways I do so is by making sure they understand their purpose. We all communicate openly, particularly with regard to our goals. Everyone knows how their work fits into the big picture, so they feel more invested in it.”

The firm’s Director also facilitates team bonding at every opportunity, knowing that the best leaders respect and care about one another and their people. Further, strong relationships lead to high-level collaboration – which is precisely what powers the organization.

“Finally, I want everyone here to feel empowered,” Devin concluded. “My colleagues are urged to work in ways that they see fit, and to participate in the making of big decisions. People are more inclined to assume leadership roles if they know they have the freedom and support to do so.”

About Standard Marketing Events

Standard Marketing Events has acquired a reputation as the most respected dynamic sales and outreach firm in the region. The company’s branding specialists facilitate this success. They use the most progressive outreach techniques to grab the attention of consumers and earn loyalty on behalf of valued brands. By staying on top of the latest market trends, they’ve amassed extensive promotional savvy. They also enjoy the support of accomplished leaders who are committed to making an impact on the world. Their passion and energy are apparent in all they do. To learn more, visit

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