Standard Marketing Events Directs Energies Into 2018 Plans

Standard Marketing Events' Director of Operations outlined a few of the firm's biggest wins of 2017 and plans for even greater success in 2018. He also highlighted the company's emphasis on training and advancement.

“We’re ready to capitalize on the positive momentum we built throughout the past year,” stated Devin P., the Director of Operations at Standard Marketing Events. “Ours was one of the top offices in the country, but we still feel like we’re just getting started. I have full confidence that we can turn the calendar to 2018 and continue reaching greater heights of success.”

Devin was selected to speak at national conferences three times in 2017. He explained, “It was a big honor each time I was chosen to present at a big event, but it’s really a reflection of the success our entire team has had. There were multiple big promotions at Standard Marketing Events this year, including Chelsea reaching the assistant manager level. She committed herself to constant improvement and inspired everyone else on our team to do the same.”

There were also many travel events scattered throughout 2017 for the members of Team Standard Marketing Events. They included an all-expenses-paid trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Devin added, “Eight of our standout performers earned the right to attend this R&R event, and they made valuable new connections in the process. Along with fun in the sun, they came back to our office with fresh insights and increased motivation to tackle new challenges.”

Standard Marketing Events’ Director on the Firm’s 2018 Plans and Commitment to Training

Quality training has created a strong Standard Marketing Events core. The Director stated, “Our commitment to ongoing development has paid off with healthy professional growth for everyone and excitement on our team from top to bottom. We can establish high benchmarks because we know our promotional experts are always getting better. For 2018, we plan to expand into more new markets and add more brands to our portfolio.”

Clear pathways to advancement help the company surpass its growth goals. “Our people know what they need to do in order to reach the next levels of their careers,” Devin noted. “There are no surprises because we promote based on merit. When our team members set career goals, they can create action steps that lead to steady progress. They can apply their talents in the most efficient ways because they know they’ll be rewarded for their commitment.”

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